I started to prepare learners for these wonderful exams many years ago (when I was a Head of Drama in a busy comprehensive) and pre-Covid, ran up to three sessions annually at a private exam centre that I set up in 2015, local to where I live.  

I was invited to join LAMDA as an examiner in 2019 and this only helps to inform my teaching – and I get to meet more wonderful learners too! 

I  prepare learners (of all ages)  for a range  of LAMDA exams (or rather opportunities) from the  Introductory level exams, up to Grade 8, via Zoom. 

While all in-person Raven Drama classes and sessions are still for the moment, on-hold, I can now in addition, offer the chance for learners to prepare for remote online assessments (exam sessions), currently offered by LAMDA. 

I can prepare learners for these fabulous exams,  via Zoom:

  • Introductory Stage One, Stage Two, Stage Three
  • Shakespeare Level One, Level Two, Level Three (solo)
  • Acting  Entry level up to Grade 8 (solo)
  • Speaking in Public Entry level up to Grade 8 (solo)
  • Reading for Performance Entry level up to Grade 8 (solo)
  • Speaking Verse & Prose Entry level up to Grade 8 (solo)
  • Devising for Performance Entry level up to Grade 8 (solo)


I would love to hear from you with any query and am only and always only too happy to help where I can!  

Points are available (wonderful for UCAS applications) from Grade 6 + (Level 2 + qualifications) More here: https://www.lamda.ac.uk/lamda-exams