Teaching.  Encouraging.  Enabling.

  • English language
  • English Literature
  • LAMDA exams
  • Exam technique, understanding, application
  • Focus, engagement, enjoyment 
  • Success!


I tutor online via Zoom with interactive elements to engage each learner.  Each session is prepared individually for the student.

I am a specialist English and drama teacher and creative practitioner, a current GCSE and LAMDA examiner, with over 24 years experience working with learners of all ages, across the ability spectrum.

It is a privilege to be able to work with students from all walks of life.  I take a great pride in my work, and do so with an open, engaging and ‘can do’ approach.  After all, FAIL is simply the first attempt in learning – and sometimes it may take us more than once for something to ‘click’ and then we SAIL!

With my expertise and passion for my work, I am ideally placed to provide learners with the range of skills needed to approach exams with both the confidence and the skill-set to ensure each student feels they can do their best.

You may be looking for a focus on composition, comprehension or speaking and listening skills, or to take a step back making sure the building blocks are in place from which to develop.  I am also skilled at focusing on exam and revision technique, and I take a pride in preparing learners for public speaking (essential at KS4). 

Additionally, I am ideally enabled to work with youngsters requiring a little extra support across a wide range of learning skills.

I firmly believe that the more confident and relaxed the learning space is, the more the learning happens naturally – and includes some humour and a lightness of touch at times.


Lynn was recommended to me by a friend, to tutor my son. If it wasn’t for Lynn, my son would never have passed his English Language or English Literature! Thank you so much Lynn. My son didn’t like reading, but Lynn connects with her students and makes it easy for them to understand and she makes it interesting.
As Lynn is also a marker for exams, she knows what the markers are looking for. Well recommended!

UWE 1996 


On the registered list for teachers / Education Workforce Council for Wales https://www.ewc.wales/

Up to-date safeguarding certification 

Get in touch – drop me a line or give me a call!  I am always happy to discuss your requirements and my response will be constructive and supportive!